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Mini Cooper Clubman & Convertible

Mini Cooper Clubman & Convertible One takes time to know everything, in my case the Mini Cooper was always the premium hatch, I have always seen it as something that’s fun but impractical. That was changed when I attended the

Butch – BMW M2

Butch – BMW M2 M cars have always been special, the approach, sound and all round sporty ride quality. M car customer base has not changed, this means there is loyalty and the customers trust the M performance franchise. The

Subaru supports SA Sports Hall of Fame

SUBARU SPONSORS SA SPORTS HALL OF FAME We are sports loving country, the SA Sports Hall of Fame makes sure the legacy of all the great sportsmen and women in our country lives on. Subaru sponsored the superb event that

Ruby – Mazda 2 , 1.5D Automatic

RUBY -MAZDA 2 , 1.5d AUTOMATIC The name Ruby came to me after seeing the colour of the test car, it had a sparkle after it was lightly polished just before the photo shoot. The Mazda brand has some history