New General Tire Grabber AT3 & X3- Klipbokop

New General Tire Grabber AT3 & X3- Klipbokop

The increase of SUV sales in our country has meant the market grown in several other key areas, tyres, accessories and general maintenance. This has also spawned a lifestyle change which is inspired by fully utilising specialist vehicles, or in the case of some multi-purpose. This is where a brand like General Tire rises to the occasion, offering decent and affordable replacement tires in the form of the revised and improved Grabber AT3 and X3. General Tire is under the Continental Tyre South Africa umbrella, a company founded in 1871, meaning a solid foundation has been set by one of the best in the industry.

The launch was held at KlipBokkop in Cape Town, a facility that’s specialises in 4×4 events and nature equipped it with various challenging terrains to entertain off road aficionados. The view from reception and some of the rooms is absolutely magnificent; it’s one of those places one must visit as you journey through life. And they have a superb micro-brewery that’s makes award winning lagers like the Madala lager.

What struck a chord with me about the venue is how everything seems serene until you get closer to where you supposed to drive. Both tyres we were sampling had multi use, on road and off road, the AT3 retains its 50/50 split, the X3 has a 80/20 split in favour of going off road. General Tire partnered up with Fiat and Jeep for this experience; we had the Jeep Wrangler Unlimited and the new FullBack double cab auto at our disposal. The initial leg of the launch set us off from the Cape Town airport to our lunch stop; this was the on road experience of the trip. I drove the Fiat Fullback equipped with AT3’s, I was impressed by the ride quality and superb grip levels considering it was a wet morning. Off road tyres tend to be noisy on road surfaces, that can be utterly annoying, that’s a gremlin you won’t quite find in the new AT3. The following morning it got rough, the rain had not succumbed overnight. Klipbokkop,from a distance it looks like it’s boring with no real challenges, until you get closer and it all seems clearer. Moving sand, elevation changes with sharp turns, inclines with sharp rises needing momentum to overcome. The Fiat Fullback impressed in its ability to tackle such a course with no real changes to 4×4 traits.

My stint in the Jeep dealt with rocky and muddy terrain, the diesel derivative proved its metal quite easily, with 80% of the X3 use being off road, it was key we find the correct qualities in our testing. The steep rocky incline was the highlight, while one must keep decent momentum, it is just as vital to approach the decline with meticulous caution as moving rocks may cause some trouble on the way down. The Jeep stint proved quite fun actually, the X3 impressed me with how well it dispenses water off road and on road, our trip back to the airport was drenched in torrential rain , the X3 faired well.

Ryan Visage(Product Communications Manager Continental Tyres South Africa) made it quite clear that the Grabber AT3 & X3 are replacement tyres, a notion I challenge as these are good enough to be supplied with most new cars. I have come across several people who have not been able to retain the tyres their new cars were supplied with, its important such products be made available to those clients and customers, especially when they offer such great value.

The Grabber AT3 & X3 is available in all standard fitment tyre sizes , they are for sale at all Continental outlets.

Thanks to Ryan, Colin , Vicky and their team for a great experience.

Yours in motoring.
Wezile Lorenzio Bonani

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