Nissan X Trail- The Improv!

Nissan X Trail- The Improv!

I have been fortunate enough to get into this space in a time when make overs are quite substantial, it now involves a lot more than just mascara and some eye liner, in the motoring world that would be headlights. The X Trail always looked too similar to its sibling the QashQai in my view, it may be bigger but the looks spoilt it for me. The facelift has significant changes that make it stand out from its peers and family.

The front end benefits from a revised V form grille and redesigned headlights and LED daytime running lights. 17” to 19” alloys do the magic on the side profile, I prefer the 19” that were fitted to my test unit, a multi spoke finished in high shine alloy with partial gloss black bits,it compliments then body colours nicely. The rear has done away with those clear after-market looking taillights in favour of 2 tone LED well designed tail lights. The bumper has detail that enhanced a design que that is completed at the bottom of the tail gate, a lower line of sorts. The overall exterior look is pleasing visually; my test unit was in an awesome deep metallic red that turned heads almost everywhere I went. The interior feels quite premium especially the heated leather seats, both front seats were powered for adjustment which meant one could find the perfect seating position. I quite loved the movement of the rear seats to allow for extra comfort and space. The cluster and dash are well fitted and add to the premium feel of the cabin, just didn’t like the plastic bits on the dash. The flat bottom steering wheel was a pleasant surprise, which is usually associated with sports cars, nice touch! The centre console very well put together and user friendly with each of the buttons clearly marked and well placed, the touch screen infotainment completes an already decent structure. The panoramic sunroof is a nice add on if the budget allows you, makes the cabin quite airy, even has its own curtain which can be operated separately.

At the launch I drove the 2.5L naturally aspirated petrol engine that is mated to a 7speed automatic on our test route; with 126kw of power and 233nm of torque it felt laid back to say the least. The diesel 1.6Diesel is quite pleasing with its 96kw and 320nm of torque, the surge of momentum is addictive to a degree, it manages its weight very well. The ride quality is very impressive, handling is good for what this car is, and in fact it could match some smaller cars. During my test stint I had 2 major events, I had to test the practical aspect quite intensely, fully utilising the rear space. The X trail had to load quite a bit of stuff and had passengers most the of the time, be it family or the team I was working with. It delivered in every aspect and surpassed most expectations. The fuel consumption was impressive as I managed 700kms on a tank doing urban driving mostly.

The facelift benefits from significant safety features, now it has lane keeping assist which by of a gentle beep notifies you when the vehicle is veering of clearly marked roads. It also has 360 view cameras to help ease parking with object sensors; this also helps with forward collision alert using the front camera. Other handy features were blind spot detection, I quite love the idea of the blind spot indicator mounted inside the door panel well within your line of sight. Cross Traffic alert is one that will save us a lot of trouble when reversing out of parking bays in malls; this uses object sensors and lets the driver know of approaching traffic out of your line of sight. As father I enjoyed being able to switch off the front passenger airbag to ride with my baby uMbali, Isofix anchors are available at the rear seats for when she is older.

I had never driven an Xtrail prior to this launch, however I had sampled quite a number of its competitors to make a sound decision on where it stands, and it ticks all the right boxes for a family car. While I enjoyed cog swapping the diesel, an automatic gearbox would do them a great favour with consumers, because most buyers in that segment tend to opt for auto as opposed to manual.

In essence Nissan has made a decent attempt to add a more premium feel to the X Trail, it has the feel good factor, that matters most.

2.0 Visia R 369 900
2.0 Visia 7s R 374 900
1.6 dci Visia 7s R 392 900
2.5 Acenta CVT 4WD R 425 900
2.5 Acenta CVT 4WD 7s R 429 900
2.5 Acenta Plus CVT 4WD 7s R 444 900
1.6 dci Tekna 4WD R 457 900
2.5 Tekna CVT 4WD 7s R 469 900

All Nissan X Trails are backed by a standard 6year/150 000km Warranty & 3year/90 000km Service Plan with 24hour Roadside Assisstance.

Thanks to Veralda, Patience and Wonga for the invitation to an awesome launch in my neck of the woods.

Yours in motoring
Wezile Lorenzio Bonani

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