The New Opel Crossland X

The New Opel Crossland X

Changes have taken places that have perhaps made us look at the Opel brand with a squinted eyes, well let me re assure you once more that the Opel brand and Williams Hunt Group are in charge, and they recently hosted us (Media) for the 1st product launch this past November in Johannesburg. The vibe was positive, and the heads of Opel were in high spirits about the future of the brand and its product line up in the near future.

The Crossland X is one of their offerings in the 7 in 7 campaign from the German brand, in the way of looks it is decent without making an effort, it does look a little similar to its sibling Mokka X, the bonnet has a single raised line split right through the middle, the grille has been redesigned to look smoother but with presence. The LED daytime running headlights do the most convincing job of completing the front end look. The bumper inserts are not overbearing but fit the look very well. The side profile is enhanced by the use of quality plastic bits on the wheel & door arches, a nice selection of 16”-19” alloys depending on the specification level one chooses are also of decent quality. The shoulder line feels lower which benefits the view for all passengers. The doors are dominated by a tomahawk looking curvature; the rear end benefits from a simplified look, the taillights become the rear highlight, despite my dislike of the partial aftermarket look. The ride height leads one to think this may go off-road however it serves its purpose well.

The interior is tastefully put together; the dash is based on the award winning Astra, seamless and purposeful in a useful manner. The centre console has always proven to be one of my favourites with its touch screen, the cluster and the steering are nice touch, nothing wrong with utilising what has worked as long as it still looks okay and works in the new environment. The ambience is heightened by the optional glass panoramic roof; the interior is spacious and pleasing space to occupy. The sliding rear seats are a cool touch as they increase legroom. The overall look is quite decent.

The safety aspect is well covered as this is more of family ride, lane keeping assist is one that is at top of the list for those long distance drives that may affect your concentration span, it can be switched off but I would not recommend that. Tyre pressure monitor comes in handy as more often than not most drivers cannot feel the difference when tyres are under inflated. Parking sensors assist with squeezing into tight spots.

The engines are the highlight for me due to my love for 3 potters, they offer a normally aspirated that makes 60kw of power and 118nm of torque, the turbo charged unit generates a subtle 81kw & 205nm of torque , this is the one we had on test at the at the launch. It is utterly impressive considering we were at the reef, it hauled the weight with ease and even when mated to the 6 speed auto, the match worked quite well. The ride quality is okay for what this is, how it handles the twisty bits is impressive as well, not too extreme though.

The Crossland X passes all the necessary details for a practical example of a family car.

Pricing from R265 000 for the 1.2 entry level model, R305 000 for the 1.2T Enjoy and R345 000 and R360 000 for the 1.2T Cosmo Manual and Automatic, with fully-comprehensive 5-year/ 120 000 km warranty and roadside assistance scheme, a 5-year/ unlimited mileage anti-corrosion warranty and a 3-year/ 60 000 km service plan.

It makes a valuable appeal in a very competitive segment.

Thanks to the Opel Group team for the invite to the launch.

Yours in motoring
Wezile Lorenzio Bonani

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