Isuzu MU-X 4X4 AT – Full Review

Isuzu MU-X 4X4 AT – Full Review

The SUV market is growing at a rapid rate, from front wheel drive high ride height pavement crawlers to the high end ultra powered urban dominators. In the middle of that you find the practical soldiers as I like to call them , most share platforms with their popular bakkie siblings, this is where the all new Isuzu MU-X competes in , a very competitive segment, now was as good a time as any for the Brand to introduce a product to part take in the competition.

I must admit I had been looking forward to the arrival of the test unit as I wanted to spend time with it for several key reasons. When it was launched it drew a substantial amount of interest from Isuzu loyalists. The wait was a tad too long after the launch, however it was well worth it.

So what is it like living with the MU-X, for starters, it is a head turner thanks to handsome looks all round. From the front end boasted by the stunning LED headlights and daytime running lights, to the bolder lines across the bonnet and side profile , and 18” alloys.  The Interior is highlighted by the white stitched black leather seats all round, followed closely by the extra-large infotainment touch screen on the centre console. This is equipped with several key attributes that made living with the SUV bliss, it has a DVD, HDMI and USB ports, this is over and above Bluetooth connectivity for most forms of entertainment while on the move. Spending time in the SUV was great as it amply spacious for all occupants, this I noted as friends complimented the seats and space in the 3rd row. The spring loaded 2nd row folding seat is just perfect, even my 11yr old could easily operate it. I can’t say I like the positioning of the rear air-conditioning button, this is behind the steering on the left side of the cluster, thank heavens one does not have to use it frequently. I just found it hard to reach. Usability of all most other controls is great and straight forward, while the centre console is slightly similar to the LX double cab, it is improved and refreshed with stunning detail. The standard fitted navigation and awesome sound system round off a well put together cabin, one gripe on the sound though is my rear occupants complained about sound clarity for them, the car has no speakers at the back for the 3rd row. Overall it’s a great place to be.

My test period with the oil burner was during wet days in the Hage and the Bay, this allowed me to test its capability to handling in the wet and mud, the ride height proved useful, we had flashfloods so driving through the running water was a walk in the park for the handsome SUV. I had one instance where the entrance to my drive way at home had a smallish mud slide, switched to 4H and we could drive in easily. What is impressive about the car is how it drives, it is absolute sublime comfort, as comfortable as it this does not discount it’s performance pedigree for what it is. The balance of comfort and handling is well merged thanks to a superb multi-link suspension set up.

The 3.0litre turbo charged 4 cylinder engine as similarly used in the double, single and extended cab does duty in here, it generates a humble yet efficient 130kw of power and 380nm of torque, this is paired to a 6 speed automatic gearbox. I do hope this gearbox filters down to the bakkie. The box offers decent momentum building and cruising velocity, once the desired speed is reached, the last gear does superb work of leveling the revs to cruising speeds. This benefits fuel consumption in both urban and open road driving. The average fuel consumption was in the low 9’s the entire time of test tenure, we covered just over 600kms with the full tank with just over 100kms to spare in the range metre. It could do with some more oomph though, especially with a gearbox that’s allows such versatility.

The specification level is generous on the safety and luxury front, so one does not have to worry about what to add to make their experience better, only 2 derivatives on offer  ,a 4X2 or the 4X4 we had on test.

To conclude , The MU-X is a worthy contender in a space dominated by the Fortuner and Everest and Pajero Sport, I reckon it stands a good chance especially to rekindle SUV love for Isuzu lovers all over. With just under 300 units sold between June and July since its launch, its well on its way to a success,  Imnandi maaan!!


Model Price
Isuzu mu-X 3.0 4X2 AT6 R 568 000,00
Isuzu mu-X 3.0 4×4 AT6 R 629 100,00


All Isuzu MU-X models are backed by a 5Year/90 000km Service plan, 5Year/120 000km Warranty and a 5year unlimited kilometer anti-corrosion warranty and Roadside Assistance.

Salute for the Kings and Iron Man backing, great way to solidify the brand in the Bay.

Thanks to Isuzu Motors SA for the test unit .

Yours in motoring.

Wezile Lorenzio Bonani



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