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The New Suzuki Swift


The new Suzuki Swift

Had the pleasure of re-acquainting myself with the Suzuku Swift. This time around it had looked different from the lines that we have become accustomed to on its exterior. The front-lights had been given a minor loop towards the outer periphery and look more sharper. The rear door handles have temporarily gone “missing” from where one would normally see them, but around now they manage to find space at the top back end edge of the panel of the window. It has certainly taken a different cue altogether, and inviting onlookers to gaze their eyes on it, surely . It might not be the best looking car on the road, but one can’t help notice when it passes by forcing your head for just a nod.

Wearing those 175/65/R15 tyre sizes that fits in decently within those wheel arches , does tell that this is a “small-bodied” car but a little bigger than it’s outgoing sibling. INTERIOR: the boot has increased marginally in size where a small family can pack a few goodies for a weekend getaway , as the boot it’s more shallower for increased capacity. Where I loved it was the driver position, it is driver focused from the infortainment side, to the speedo area where angles are more biased towards the pilot. Might not contain the Dual Climate Control, but it’s ease of efficiency and being active wouldn’t make one to think otherwise.

DRIVE and ENGINE CAPACITY: From a 1.2L Naturally Free revving engine mated to a 5 speed gearbox , this is a boxing match where Baby Jake Matlala used to knock off many an opponents by virtue of his size. This engine is ALIVE with eagerness and plenty of energy, especially when you give it that kick. It sometimes asks if you have done enough in rev-matching because it can still deliver more from that 2nd gear to 3rd(my favorite gears ). Driving it on a little twisty hills up and down of Bassonia and Glenvista it was continuously making me to giggle like a 5 year old who stealing toys from the neighbors kids. With 61kw of power and 113Nm, what more could one ask for from this free soul. I averaged a fuel economy return at 5.3L/100km, just shy way from the manufacturer claim of 4.9L/100km!

Price starts @ R159 900


Story written by

Jerry Maqasa

Motoring Enthusiast, Influencer, soon to be a Pilot.

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