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VW Tiguan AllSpace2.0Tdi DSG –Full   review


VW Tiguan AllSpace2.0Tdi DSG –Full  review

This one will always have a solid memory, she came, got injured, left and came back feeling great, the reunion was rather bleak as I had come from something that may possibly re-write the SUV space (Touareg). So the adjustment took about 2 days. That Touareg is something else I tell you. The Allspace has by now become a familiar sight thanks to some being on the roads and that catchy wedding inspired TV advert.

There some easy ways to spot an AllSpace, front end with enhanced detail on lower bumper, the bonnet is also different from the standard Tiguan now boasting bolder lines, the chrome matt finished mirrors and, bigger rear doors and the high shine chrome trapezodial tailpieces. My test unit wore charcoal paint with elegant 5 split spoke alloys in a similar grey with fat comfy rubber. The interior of the Tiguan has always been top class, fine leather, decent quality dash and that awesome centre console with the touchscreen and gesture controlled sound system. The active info display cockpit is always a welcome sight thanks to the multitude of various inter-changeable views of the look the cluster. The 2nd row is proved fun for the family as they made use of the front seat back mounted plastic trays to consume snacks , the adjustable 2nd row allows for easy access to the rear and extended leg room for 3rd row occupants. I had no more than 2-3 incidents where we used the 3rd row, so ended up flattening one side of the 3rd row to enhance boot space. The increased size of the rear doors did prove a tad heavy for my 11Year old, that’s also a sign of solid quality though, light doors end up being banged when closing. Space was just NOT an issue at all. The specification is generous thus making spending time in the AllSpace bliss, heated seats for  Majola, a lovely sound system for me and Mbali who jams to tunes, Park assists that helps insert/extract the 4.7m ship into tight spots with ease, folding mirrors and adaptive cruise control made cruising on the freeway quite stress-free. I quite love the sunroof cover that operates entirely free of the glass roof, am not that sunroof opening darkie. I deployed the power assisted tow bar just for safety even though I had nothing to tow, this is by means of a conveniently placed button in the boot wall cavity. City emergency assist never really came into effect as I exercise a safe following distance all the time. The safety level of the Allspace is Impressive as child locks in place meant my curious Mbali can’t open doors while we moving.

The oil burner is ample for everyday & long distance driving for driver and passengers alike, the 2.0 turbo charged diesel unit with its 110kw and 340nm delivered sufficient oopmh to shove us to cruising velocity with ease. The various drive modes are quite handy as the simplified 4Motion all-wheel drive system means even inexperienced people can dance in off road, loose gravel and muddy surfaces within safety confines. I did explore the muddy route and found it quite fun and decently capable; in as much as the car is long one never feels the size of the car while maneuvering in mud. The performance credentials are always impressive as the pedigree was set by the standard Tiguan with car like handling characteristics. This may be a diesel but it is no slouch, pulling power is there even when laden to the max. Fuel consumption while in use remained an impressive 6-7l/100kms, the tank tipped just over 700kms, I was pleased and impressed. In a time where the fuel price is consistently the rise ,fuel consumption is one of the major factors in making a car buying decision.

In conclusion, the arsenal of SUV’s in the Volkswagen stable are in good standing and are well on the way to get good numbers in the market thanks to several key factors, great brand guidance, great packages, and all round superb capabilities.

Pricing for the 2.0Tdi Comfortline DSG test car

R571 100

Our test unit had a fair amount of nice to haves and must have optional extras, so it may just tip R600K scale. The Tiguan AllSpace is backed by a 3year/120 000Warranty, 5year/90 000km service plan.

Thanks to Volkswagen SA for the test car.

Yours in motoring.

Wezile Lorenzio Bonani




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