“Buhle” with Gusto – VW Arteon TSI 4Motion R-Line  – Review

“Buhle” with Gusto – VW Arteon TSI 4Motion R-Line  – Review

A few months ago I had a stint with the Diesel derivative of the desirable Arteon, I was convinced it was the one, I still am actually, however, for a few more doses of oomph….The TSI makes its case in a way no Dali Mpofu or Dauberman would!!

The looks need no more exaggeration, the interior oozes the elegance associated with premium status, the features are endless, this time around I managed to even get a massage while driving. The Gesture control still changes tracks unintentionally; I guess I must be less expressive with my hands when listening to my favorite jams on that impressive Dynaudio Sound system.

The drive is sublime, as I cruised in the white angel, I noticed that “my people” thought it’s an entirely different car from the dark blue beauty I had a while ago. That is a sign of true beauty, when a car looks good in any colour. I stayed in Eco mode 60% of the time, even in this sedated stated the response is impressive albeit not as sharp, the torque is truly impressive, no need to even use the kick down switch, the DSG box is a marvel yazi, flick it a few times on the steering mounted pedals , plant it and your away. In Sports mode the engine tone changes to a mediocre yet entertaining snarl that’s complimented by a minute bang of the exhaust as it blows away. How the numbers climb from the legal freeway speed limit is utterly amazing, it took longer to get acquainted with the steering as 4Motion plays its role, the front wheel driven diesel was easier. Once the pleasantries were out the way, point and shoot and you forget how long and big the car is, you approach sweeps and corners with Trump’s arrogance mixed with Mugabe’s stubbornness and a tiny dose of Baba’s charm when he belts it out ku ”mshini wam”. The surefooted nature is matched to insane zest as the revolutions climb to 7000Rpms where the 206kw of madness end off, nowhere in the rev range do you feel any hesitance. In Xhosa sithi “iyathathisa” meaning it digs deep!

This is not all boom without stopping power, the brakes are great, even midcorner slowing down to change direction is easy even though it’s not something recommended on performance courses. It gives you an incredible sense of “Yes you Can” attitude.  When you have had enough of the fun, you can still ferry family with class and ease, thanks to endless space and superb fuel consumption, I managed 535km on the tank, which far exceeded my expectations. The trick is in the gearbox, the 7speed DSG is a great match with that Golf 7R sourced power plant. Once you reach a desired cruising speed it lowers the revs for fuel saving.

This Arteon is available in just 2 derivatives, a 2.0Tdi and this 2.0Tsi, both are bloody good and come with just about everything in terms of specification, looks are a bonus your ego will thank you for every day you take it for a drive. It releases the Floyd Mayweather arrogance noba awufuni thanks to never ending compliments from onlookers. At events I was allowed to park where none were allowed!!! Cabanga!!!

Price – R699 900

Volkswagen has outdone themselves with the Arteon, SALUTE!!!!

Thanks to Siya, Andile, Nozipho, Yusuf and Shaun for the car.



Yours in motoring

Wezile Lorenzio Bonani




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