Monthly Archives: December 2018

Volkswagen introduces a special edition Amarok

The special edition model comes with dramatic styling to differentiate itself from the rest of the Amarok range It is powered by a 132kW BiTDI engine, class-leading 8-speed gearbox and boasts Volkswagen’s 4MOTION technology Johannesburg – With over 30 000 Amaroks

Solo long-distance driving

Solo long-distance driving As we head into the season where many people will be driving long-distances to spend time with friends and family, a large portion of these people may be undertaking the trip alone or be the only driver

Too relaxed for a seatbelt?

Too relaxed for a seatbelt? As many motorists set off for various holiday destinations in December, road safety experts can hope, with all the awareness campaigns circulating, that all passengers in vehicles will buckle up. Can we, however, be sure

Driving during a heat wave

Driving during a heat wave As parts of South Africa battle with a heat wave, it is important for those who spend large portions of their day in the car, to be even more careful. High temperatures make drivers vulnerable