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Isuzu MU-Xobha -4WD Automatic Long term review


 Isuzu MU-Xobha 4WD Automatic -Long Term Review

Since the 1st time I laid eyes on the MU-X I was smitten by the looks, it does look bloody good, and has a presence , while most family orientated cars lack charisma , it has it bucket loads.  Of all the December Holiday periods I can’t recall of another car I tested harshly as I did the MU-X. From being fully laden with people for luggage for days.

First up I was fully booked on the DJ’ying side for gigs, and it was my ride of choice as I had mates that would accompany me to gigs, no not groupies, just mates. Moving around Port Elizabeth and Uitenhage, was easy thanks to sublime comfort levels and space. My One mate had started calling her MU-Xhobha as a nickname, he loved everything about her.

One of the 1st long distance trips I did was a journey to Port Alfred for a wedding, while it was an afternoon wedding I had to get there early and meet with the groom who is a personal friend, there was a last minute change and he suggested I should play at his reception. So we left Uitenhage and stopped in PE to leave the lil’ones with my partner’s family. So we departed from PE late morning, the weather was favorable yet quite harsh with heat. In all the cars I have tested none will freeze you like the Isuzu products, yerrrr that aircon is cold, especially at a low setting.

The route was just lovely for an SUV, pretty straight forward with stunning scenic views of lush green cattle farms along the way. On arrival in Alexandria which is enroute to PA, we had hardly used a ¼ tank, I was not pushed hard other than cruising nicely, the 6 speed gearbox in the MU-X is a peach at cruising speeds. We are arrived safely at Oceana which is about 20kms just past Port Alfred towards East London, we were the 1st guests to arrive, yeah I am one of those few Darkies who does NOT do African Time.

The wedding ceremony was just beautiful, I played during the reception, I rocked!!!! We left just before midnight, the weather was much cooler, the MU-X was in its element, it was gliding incredibly smooth and the torque mated to the gearing was just fabulous. I cannot mention the speeds; all I can say is the MU-X moves. We were in PE just after 1am. I was smitten, this happens to me every time I am utterly impressed with a car’s performance. I had consumed just over ¼ tank.

The day to days errands were easy to handle, we devised ways around the minimal boot space when all seats were utilized, those were just a handful of instances. We would fold down some seats and get the necessary space extension. My Lil ones loved the 3rd row for some reason, they always insisted I fold the middle row away. The rear air-conditioning was helpful as assured comfort for rear occupants, this was quite evident when I went to Bloemfontein with my friend who is a pastor who relocated with his family. The trip took its toll on my MU-X, it was the 1st time I had seen the car working extra hard, The trailer was loaded to the max, and I felt it, this was the one I felt it needed more torque. The fuel took serious strain as I had to top up 3 times over 600km stretch, the heat was another factor,I am pleased to report though that we made it and I drove back the same day using far less fuel on the way back. I left Bloem just after 6pm in the evening, the LED headlights made life bliss as I took the Cradock route back, I have midnight. What was impressive is the fact that I had not felt much fatigued thanks to then comfort from the MU-X.

Test cars come and go, some you would really love to keep, the MU-X proved its metal and passed with flying colours in my view, as an everyday drive, dealing with the open road with ease, and that towing capacity. I may not have done any off-road since the unit was a 4X4, it would still have done that part quite well.

Yours in Motoring

Wezile Lorenzio Bonani

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