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New Suzuki Jimny 5Spd Man. – Full Review


New Suzuki Jimny 5Spd Man. – Full Review

4X4s or SUVs  have become the norm; some are pretenders with high ride height while others have genuine intentions and possess the capability to go anywhere. Just about all car makers have something off roadish in their product portfolio nowadays. The Jimny or the “Jimmy” as my people called my test unit , has enjoyed a rich history of being small yet capable by being what I would label as “real”, thanks to manual operation of the 4X4 system. They have always had that Charm, and personality.

The latest generation proved that it can do cool and cute in the same sentence with its looks which had people think it was shrunk Jeep/Land Rover Defender . The boxed shape look with round headlights, and that anti-aerodynamic windscreen.  The rear boasts the spare wheel hanging on the side swinging door, this has all the makings of a classic, a tad like a classic with modern spice.  The Interior is just lovely, seats are simple yet cosy and the head room is ample. The dash and centre console feel fresh and even boasts a touch screen infotainment sound system and a multifunction steering  wheel. I just love the detail with allen keyed screw fittings.

The drive is positive thanks to the 1.5litre 4 cylinder VVT generating 75kw of power and 130nm in torque , all this is mated to a 5 speed manual transmission or a 4 speed Automatic , in my case I had the lovely manual. The power plant does a great job ferrying the Jimny around with or without a load. In fact it is quite responsive; the suspension is soft which is expected as this is an avid off roader.  What I found to be weird for a Suzuki was how the motor felt like it was screaming at speeds above 120km/h, this was not a welcome surprise as most products from this brand have always been impressive at legal speed limits. This was just a funny revving noise from the engine. The surge and power delivery is impressive. Fuel consumption was great we achieved just under 500km on the tank, this from combined driving  , open road and urban driving. As this has a soft suspension some bodyroll is felt during cross winds, nothing to worry about though.  The overall drive is great and that ground clearance is brilliant.

Space is an issue or rather boot space or lack there off, as a family man with a total of 4 members, it meant our luggage had to be loaded in the car and that perturbed me greatly. Most cases when I love a car I can overlook some flaws, in this case it was a little hard.

Am not going to lie , I love how the Jimny made me feel thanks to its cute and cool looks, which was an awesome feeling, it certainly draws attention, in  my case I am seen everywhere , Gigs, and other space am active in and it just did its part. The package is great for 2 people or a smaller family than mine or a singleton, it has a go anywhere attitude like no other car, it has no pretences. It gets my nod.

My test unit costs R299 900 with the 200 000km warrant y and 60 000km service plan. The spec level justifies a lot about the car, it may have that classic appeal however it is well equipped with tech, it could do with better speakers though.


Thanks to Suzuki SA , Megan and Chelsy for the test unit.

Yours in motoring.

Wezile Lorenzio Bonani.


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