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Power meets Sound – VW Golf R 7.5 228kw


Power meets Sound – VW Golf R 7.5 228kw

Questions have always been thrown in the way of the much beloved  brand, why this and that about a powerful, or fully fledged R, lets shed some light, you must understand the brand before throwing such questions. When you understand a brand it leads to a better acceptance of what the brand offers,  how they operate, and their ethos overall. VW has never been big on power than being more focused on giving efficient balanced performance, the GTi and the R are prime examples.  The Golf  R32 from the 5th generation never really trickled my fancy, the 6th Gen R was what the R32 should have been , a proper high end performance Golf.

The introduction of the 7th Generation R was a revelation that took us all by surprise, the sacred 200kw mark was broken with a 2.0Tsi 4cylinder something that was unheard of, listen such power was only extracted from 6 pot engines so freely. 206kw 380nm to be exact, it had a cult status, still does, this was followed on by a neat facelift , new bumpers, new dash and  cluster (active info display) and some decent touches which made it look more handsome. The facelift benefited with a 7kw power upgrade, making it reach an impressive 213kw of power with torque remaining at 380nm. It was just a lovely thang yazi!!!! This was met with mixed reaction by enthusiasts, claiming it was less aggressive than it initial predecessor, I loved it!

March 2019…… BOOM , Volkswagen invites us to Cape Town to launch the 228Kw monster with a performance  exhaust(Akrapovic) to boot, while there were no “real” changes to the entire car , the additions made a substantial improvement to the famed car. 228 kw and a 20nm hike making it reach 400nm, a figure I have wanted the R to make in torque, torque is everything!!!  Visually the rear bumper is slightly wider to accommodate those Akrapovic  labeled tailpieces, all else looks the same baring R painted brake calipers should one go with the whole (R50k option), the upgraded brakes are marvelous , not that the standard are any bad but with more come power comes more responsibility, power without control is useless!

How does it Feel!!!! Yerrr it is a rush…… of force with the right amount of noise to pollute any surburb or kasi hood, its fast , wait lemme rephrase that , its bloody fast. The numbers climb very quickly, and the fact that it breathes better thanks to a better air intake system in the front it means in RACE mode it can scrape 7000Rpms before shifting up a gear, especially mid-range gears thus making overtaking a swift affair. It encourages confidence that is borderline arrogance in what one can achieve and compete with , How it handles has always been a marvel , entry speeds and exit speeds are incredible especially if your turn in precise, on 2 return trips to King Williams Town  via the newly refurbed N2 road, oh my goodness it just pure indulgence of performance. All I had to do was pick the right time to travel with far less traffic! The 7 speed gearbox does wonders to assist in cruising speeds that equate to dignified fuel consumption, I managed just over 450km on a tank with all that spirited driving .

Once you have settled down and are driving sensibly in comfort , normal or eco mode , it becomes mandane,  humane enough to give you a huge sense of maturity.

Such an all round packages is hard to come by, Priced at R667k plus R39 900 for the vocal upgrade, and the stopping power at R9900, do it!!! You have my blessing , it is a necessity.

The R is backed by a 5year/90 000km service plan and a warranty.

Thanks for VW SA, Andile, Siya, Yusuf and Nozipho for the test unit and an awesome launch.

Yours in Motoring

Wezile Lorenzio Bonani



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