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Fezile rises to the occasion,everytime – The Isuzu D-Max EXT Cab 4X4


Fezile rises to the occasion,everytime – The Isuzu D-Max EXT Cab 4X4

Fezile as I affectionately call the D-Max came to my aid as our family lost a dear member recently, we had  lots to do and it so happens at the time of all the preparations the Bakkie was in my keep. The beauty about the test mule was that it had a canopy, my kids loved chilling at the back over some blankets. This also meant we could load lots more stuff with convenience. A lot of errands were run with the only gremlin being interior space , however as ooDarkie we are used to bakkies and riding in the back , the ride height was the only snag for people who jumped in the back. This was an equipped 4X4 so it fairly elevated. There is a sense of freedom when one is rolling ngeBakkie eKasi especially uFezile, we laid my brother in law to rest , May His soul Rest in eternal Peace.

Mbali’s second Birthday came up, her mom spare no cost and effort in making sure it was celebrated, this was child’s play for Fezile, to ferry plastic chairs, braai wood and some groceries, on the day I had to park it outside our yard as we had in excess of 30-40 little guests here to celebrate my princess’ day. She is also one that loves to chill at the back , we even had a smallanyana photo shoot where she displayed amazing ability of working with the cam.

My Father’s Tombstone unveiling, this was an emotional time for me as I was quite close to the man , and lots had taken place within our family regarding this, so it was my responsibility to make sure it happens. Yazi you never think you need a bakkie until Fezile is around, especially being and extended cab with a longer loader bin, and that toolbox behind the driver’s seat, such practicality. The only thing is it needs to be fixed on properly so if you take it out when fixing back on one needs to do it properly, this time it was noisy over bumps and I had no tools or the time to re-attach it securely.

This may be the 3rd best selling bakkie brand in the country, the ethos and loyalty to service it delivers is certainly something one can’t omit or take for granted, while most may cry about engine that needs an upgrade , I say it’s enough and it carries it handsome self very well, the manual six speed shifter was crisp despite the clutch biting right at the top. Fuel consumption in all these occasions remained at that steady 660-750km mark, which is what I have come to expect.

Fezile has a special place in my family’s heart, well in my case it’s always been love even when the name change took place, it’s at moments that matter that you see which relations stand by your side, I do not take light how you guys came to my aid.

Yours in Motoring

Wezile Lorenzio Bonani


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