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The All Rounder: Audi SQ5 V6Tfsi Quattro Tiptronic


The All Rounder: Audi SQ5 V6Tfsi Quattro Tiptronic

The previous generation SQ5 was a diesel with V6 engine, it was a sleeper of note, most people went with 2.0Tdi in that generation, and they only realized much later that it was the “one”, with 230kw and 600 nm of torque made it quite fun to pilot. The entire previous generation Q5 was actually quite popular. The latest comes in at time where the influx of SUV from competition is quite tough and sporty SUVs are a thang nowadays!!  By sporty I mean some pretty mean machines are roaming the streets , no longer nose blowing oil burners, yes most will never see an off road track other than a loose gravel road to some holiday resort. So where does Audi latest SQ5 fit, and how does it fair?

Having driven the previous generation , This latest model starts things on a much higher platform , the exterior looks boast standard Audi S Line high performance trim, chrome mirrors , chrome grille with model designation insignia , at the rear it has no exhaust outlets thanks to emission restrictions , however it a rather nice looking chrome insert trim where the tail pipes should be. My test mule has LED Matrix headlights with flowing function and LED lights all round. Even though it wore white paint, the highlights were quite visible, especially those 21” 5 arm split alloys. The Interior was lovely, clinical and straight forward, in typical Audi fashion . Nappa leather seats were detailed in diamond shaped white stitching with S logo at shoulder height, just so you know every time you got in. The door panels were finished in some velvet velour material which most occupants complimented. That Bang and Oelefsen sound system is the 1st thing I will always consider ticking on options list for interior stuff, it is heavenly!! The seat bench could move backwards thus adding more legroom, this was met with approval by MakaMBali and the rest of the family, space is always key for us. The Nagivation and Audi virtual cockpit are always as welcome sight.

The Drive, powered by a 3.0V6 that is turbo charged with an output of 260kw and 500nm, it is promising and it does deliver on the performance one expects from a V6, V6s are quite scarce these days, the amount of 4 potters generating similar power and are everywhere these days. So the rumble of 6 cylinders brought much giggles, plus it had all the modern sound inclusions, snap crackles and pops! The 8 speed Tipronic was good but I think the S-tronic does better duty of seamless changes, for the sake of power I think this works well in here though. Thanks to nothing less than 5 drive modes it has several personalities that link up to an air suspension for whatever mood you in. The shove is addictive and it’s surefootedness on cornering makes it quite an entertaining piece of kit, the sound at full tilt is intoxicating, shift to sport mode on the gearlever even in Efficiency mode you still get pops from the exhaust outlets from under the car. I suspect this has synthesizers as it not that loud from the outside but inside the aural joy is endless. When you realize that the fun element costs in fuel as it is not light, and revert back to driving “normal’ it becomes what most would call sedated, something I quite loved about it. At the ½ way mark I had done 280kms, promising not quite as the range was at 230kms, the range is not always true reflection of what you can still get from the tank, but it is a guideline. So I topped up as the fun was not over!! Even with 5 adults and luggage, the SQ5 hauls like a steam train!!

The combination of what the SQ5 is makes a very compelling case, I love how it can do quite a number of things and still be universal in its approach, I would still choose it over the competition, especially with all the bells and whistles this unit had, they may have amounted to R125k however they added to the great experience.

My test unit was priced at R1.178 243 with options, it is backed by a comprehensive 5year 100 000km Audi freeway plan, and all you have to worry about is those 21” tyres and the fuel bill.

Thanks to Audi SA, Yusuf and Tashta for the test unit.

Yours in Motoring

Wezile Lorenzio Bonani.



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