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Isuzu X-Rider Double Cab 4X4 5Spd Manual


This specific derivative started off as a limited run of 700 units, they sold so well they doubled up the numbers, it went on to prove its popularity with very facelift that was introduced to the KB range. Within the D-Max portfolio it was first tried out with a “Murdered/Blacked out” edition if I may. This also proved successful.

My test unite was a 4X4 model, this worried me a little as the 4X2 derivative was the more famous and loved model, and the weight factor would be something to watch over, perhaps you may wonder why the X-Rider has been very popular. Allow me …. Looks …the combination is superb , from the 18” wheels, to the black piped side steps, detailed front and rear bumper bits, and all the steel bars colour coded and an interior with leather seats and enough style to charm even the hard core nay sayers. Powered by a 2.5L turbo charged 4 cylinder diesel power-plant that generates 110kw and a diligent 320nm of torque. This is mated to a manual 5 speed cog shifter, as this was a 4X4 it was well equipped with all off road goodies, 4H,4L and 2H for daily commute.  Entertainment is not omitted in the list of standard fitted equipment, USB port, CD player, Bluetooth and air-conditioning . The overall package is one that makes sense in just about every aspect. The drive is as always impressive, it may not be as swift as its 3.0L sibling, however it gets on with job at hand with ease.  I had a number of errands lined up, one was it arrived at a time when Mbali needed to start school, so it was quite a memorable one.

 A week later I was scheduled to play at the Black Impala pop up in Makhanda, We did the Friday leg with another couple who are friends with us, the trip was fun despite the night time travel, the halogen lights and daytime running lights were good in era of LED headlights did good duty, the unit had a 500 kms when I took delivery, so it needed to be have more road time, this did not do much to how the power was delivered, with four adults on board, we only consumed just over a ¼ tank to and from Grahamstown.

The Sunday we left a little earlier since I had to play the afternoon till early evening, enroute we met a majestic creature which was quite the star from one of the local game reserves. We stopped for a few memorable snaps, and we were amongst another group of peeps who were taking selfies, am sure that giraffe is trending somewhere on social media.

The X-Rider proved once more why it is a fave, with impressive consumption and a stellar performance during its stint with me, it great to see that the suspension improvements can be felt as one drives the bakkie , and handling has improved immensely, I am fortunate enough to say I have driven all the generations of the X-rider from the KB days to D-Max.

It lives up the expectation of being a great all-rounder, family car and off roader when necessary.

Priced at R489 200 which is R50k more than the 4X2 , it is a great deal.

Thanks to Lunga ,and Isuzu Motors SA and the ever so helpful Vuyiseka for the unit.  

Yours in motoring

Wezile Lorenzio Bonani         

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