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The Re-Union – Volkswagen Golf7.5 R DSG 228kw



I opted to drive back from the Garden Route town of Knysna after the media launch of the new and exciting T-Cross, I had no idea what I would take back home, I wanted some tranquil moments on my own, I have been quite busy with the other leg of my business so time alone was rather necessary.


I did not even bother to think what the possibilities are, with Yusuf one just never knows, the R was the last thing on my mind though, on the Wednesday morning as all launch activities were done , I got ready to leave from the newly built Knysna Hollows hotel, stylish, tranquil setting with a dash of elegance, located at the foot of the Simola hill. I was handed familiar keys, I could recall the number plate, we had met before. It was a sunny and humid morning as I left, even before departing from the hotel, the guys washing the car were just too excited, it a thing ngeR!


The hotel manager who was on duty, had already asked me to open it for him for a closer inspection, his excitement was watered down by the price though, shem maaaan labhuti! I did point him in the direction of the 1st generation R’s though .Took a slow drive out of the very busy but small 2 lane CBD of the town best known for it’s Oyster Festival and the world famous Hillclimb. As soon as I hit the freeway a certain curiosity got the better of me, what would be the best consumption I would achieve over 250kms stretch heading home, locked her at 100km/h, set the mode to Eco, and loaded the finest play list of Soul and RnB, climate control on the right temp so I do not doze off since I do not do economy runs, it aint my thang!!!


The drive home was relaxed, what was a rare sight was seeing so many cars overtaking such a performance darling, and my ego was taking a huge beating, with 28degrees temperatures I was not inspired to speed, I do not believe in hammering any car over a long distance in such conditions. 150km into the trip the R had used less than a ¼ tank of fuel, I was impressed, very impressed!

At the way point to turn off to Uitenhage it was sitting right on the ¼ tank mark, by now I had lost all sorts of patients with my personal economy run, however it’s great to note that its proven the R can be polite to you as long as you are lighter on the right foot and exercise some serious patience.

Once I was home though, I just could not let the fans home at down, they expected the music of bangs, pops and overruns, I could not disappoint them. In the olden days we believed that cars got better with age, this R was testament to that, it was just RIPE. The surge was more intense, the sound from the Akrapovic pipes was much better, brakes were biting much better, and this car was at 7000kms now. Everything felt just right and eager.

I had almost forgotten how great it feels to pilot the Champ, how much confidence it inspires in its surefootedness to do the impossible.


It’s still the best pound for pound HOTHATCH!

Thanks to Andile, Yusuf, Siya , Nozipho aka MamGiqwa and VWSA for a Re-Union like no other.

Yours in Motoring Wezile Lorenzio Bonani

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