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Isuzu Empowers Atlas Security Officers


I had no idea what to expect when I received the invite to attend an advanced driving course alongside Atlas first responders, this was to be conducted by the ever efficient Isuzu Driving Academy led by Grant McLeery, held at the newly built SSS Advanced Driving centre located in the lush green of the St Albans area, I happen to have paid this place a visit when it was just completed, and know Peter the owner from my other life. I never miss an opportunity to learn , so I am always willing to redo a course even I would have done it 10Times, its always key to empower ourselves in what we do.

The day commenced from Williams Hunt in William Moffet where I was met by excited yet relaxed group of men, yes men only, they may need to revisit their gender equality policies as most women can do a lot of what can do. I happen to know Monty MontGomery and his partner since they pay our radio station visits every week to share local crime stats, and patterns which we must look out for our own safety, I find that very useful.

Grant started off by sharing some scary stats about accidents and how many cars written off thanks to negligence and no training, this was in reference to several departments at national level that we run  with our hard earned taxes.

A walk around to check if all key check points were in working conditions saw eyes light up , especially for guys that share cars as “their tools of the trade”  a 5-7 point check is vital. I was impressed to see how interactive the guys as they asked relative questions which meant they were keen to learn.

The next module involved Emergency braking and seeing the difference btw having ABS and what happens without it. The emergency lane change proved to be quite difficult for most, there was some improvement though as the day grew older. Most enjoyed the GymKhana segment of the day, they were quite competitive if I may say so myself.

Grant closed off proceedings by showing them that a D-Max can drift and hand brake park in garage made of cone markers, a sight to behold actually.

I do recommend that Atlas invests more in training their staff to be better and safer drivers even if they work under stringent conditions, in fact they must make it a requirement for all drivers to do the course at least twice a year. The benefits of doing such can never be underestimanted.

Thanks to Lunga, Grant and his team for the life lessons.

Yours in motoring

Wezile Lorenzio Bonani.    

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