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VW Transporter T6.1 DSG – Full Review


The Handsome Transporter

70 Years in production and it’s 6th Generation with a stunning and quite substantial facelift, the T6.1 is quite a looker, I do have my reservations about  it’s naming, but that’s another story for another day.


It’s looks are quite impressive , the new front end is the most notable part, this is followed by the new labeling on the side panels next to the headlamps, front LED headlamps are optional on the Transporter, however no need to despair as the halogens that are a standard fit are quite good as well, at the rear LED taillights are standard , the colour option pallete has been upgraded comprehensively. The TV ad for the car has a stunning 2-tone silver and deep metallic blue combo which would be my choice, yes you can have 2 tone on Kombi now, even the single colour options are just beautiful. I had a white tester with nice 17” alloys, those rear manually adjusted curtains are always welcome for me, the car stays  cooler since minimal sunlight comes through and provides some privacy for rear occupants.  

Well placed rear ac controls

The interior is a nice place too, the upholstery material on my test unit did not disappoint even thought I was worried at some stages since  Mbali had her cousins visiting during school break, so it meant they would eat inside the car during drives, I would recommend the leatherette finish , it’s easier to maintain . The new dash is decent even without a digital cluster found in the luxurious Caravelle, multi -function steering wheel makes life easy for radio ,cruise control and manning the view of the centre of the cluster. The centre console  was simplified with round controls and loved the new rear climate control position , right next to light switches for the cabin, this makes it easier to control temperatures and fan speed.  Missing cup holders for rear peeps and no rear storage is quite a drawback, no charging points  except for 12V socket below the 3rd rear bend are the only cons I found.

Focus on the tretas

The Drive

Driving the Transporter is an experience I found quite therapeutic, I got used to the size , and even found it to be quite light on its feet , the tester was front wheel driven with 110kw of power and 340nm of torque , there is a lot the car does very well in the performance arena. Handling the open road drives , maneuvering daily errands in town and eKasi, it really scores highly, and then there’s how it consumes fuel despite its impressive performance, half tank at 450kms means we are in the 900km realm with a full tank even in urban settings driving pattern. 

Impressive fuel consumption

Whoever decided these should have this ride height knew what they were doing, while I never went off road but how this car handles dealing with driving on our poorly maintained roads is a miracle, thanks to ride height and thick rubber.  The park distance sensors and rear view camera always make life that much sweeter.

R740k is the price tag for the Kombi , just before you start being negative, look at how the positives out-weigh the negatives ,the multitude of talents it houses , it gets my nod, and more. While  I love the Caravelle for its luxury and performance, you can opt to get the stronger 146kw engine with 4Motion in the Kombi as well, however I strongly recommend the 110km front wheel drive for its all- round capabilities and charm.

Thanks to VW SA Commercial for the test unit .

Yours in Motoring     

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